Tattoos and Horror! My favorites! An interview with Inkerbella.

She’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. With her own line of fragrances, a successful modeling portfolio and a blossoming acting career, Inkerbella has certainly left her stamp on the horror industry. Although, in her case, leaving a stamp isn’t really her style- give her a tattoo gun and she’ll just carve her own niche into the body of horror!
As a constantly busy professional, Inkerbella also doubles as a doting mother (like many of the amazing women I’ve featured thus far and will be featuring for the next month and a half or so!).
Her talents, work and passion hit on all She’s also one of the most enthusiast ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting with.




1. What’s your favorite horror franchise?

My favorite horror franchise would be “Saw!” The first “Saw” I saw…took my breath away, I was hooked!  Wow…it’s amazing how smart and thought out and in-depth Jig Saw goes in each film.  Man…that movie is crazy cool. I’d sure love to be a victim in one of the Saw films someday!



2. Why do you feel women, especially in horror, are still on such an uneven playing field with the boys?

Well, I think most actresses are perceived as little precious things that could do no harm. The damsel in distress type.  But…that is so untrue!! Us girls could kick some ass too….and be just as smart as the serial killer males in the films. We just need the chance!


3. Your pin-up work is awesome. Gorgeous and bad ass at the same time. What’s your message to young women who may struggle with self-esteem issues?

Awww…well thank you so much! Oh goodness, you know what…we are all so different. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to live in a world that everyone looked just alike or acted alike….that would be such a boring world. You gotta love the skin you were born in. Be yourself and enjoy life….you never know when you will take in your last breath!


4. You’ve attended BleedFest Film Festival. Who are some of your favorite indie horror ladies?

Oh yes, I love attending BleedFest! I love the Fies sisters!! I would have to say that Brenda and Elisabeth Fies are my all time favorites, and super multi-talented ladies in the Indie horror genre.

Other super amazing ladies in the Horror Indie world that I admire would have to be…. the lovely DeeDee Bigelow, the kick ass Tara Cardinal, the hard-working Maria Olsen,  the kindest Brandy Rubin, the super beautiful Kari Nissena. I’m sure there are many more, but these ladies I have met and know and they have touched my heart. They have all been so nice to me and I appreciate them and all they do.



5. What is the first horror film you remember seeing?

Oh man, let me dust off the files in the back of my brain for this one….hummmm…. If I’m remembering right, it would have to be “Twilight Zone” was my first taste of horror. As far as films go… “Nightmare on Elm Street.”


6. Do you prefer in-your-face gore or what’s-behind-the-closed-door terror in a horror film?

I like both to be honest with you. It’s good to have a mix of things.
It’s good to SEE what’s happening sometimes for the story line, but then other times, just knowing a little bit of what’s going on behind that closed-door your mind can wander off. I like them both.



7. You’ve acted, modeled and have your own fragrance line. What other ventures does Inker Bella want to conquer in the near future?

Yes, I feel so very lucky for all of the amazing things I have had a chance to do.  I sure do appreciate all the support from everyone who follows everything I’m doing!  Near future for me, I’d say definitely continue acting! I really enjoy that and feel right at home. Especially acting in horror/thriller type films. Other than that, I’m not sure…I’m always open to the next new thing that might come my way. I just take the path I’m on and see which doors open. I can tell you I’m sure enjoying my journey!  I’m sure at some point when I’m ready to really retire from it all…. I would like to help others achieve their dreams!


8. What was your favorite aspect of being in a horror film? Was there a least favorite?

Let’s see….my favorite, I would say is getting to be scary, or spooky!! Making the viewers wonder what is going to happen!!! Least favorite, you know what, there are no complaints here!! I love each second of filming!! I was the one would wanted to do it, I audition and got it….and I just get a kick out of all of it….so there really isn’t one for me!



9. As a fellow tattoo enthusiast, why the hell has there never been a movie about a demonic tattoo gun that injects evil ink into customers?! And if I write said film, can I count on you to be my bad ass leading lady? (haha)

Holy fuck, that is a great question!!! WOW, I love that idea…lol.  I think you’re on to something there Justin!!! To answer your question…I’d LOVE to be your leading lady in that film…count me in!!


10. What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m filming again with 8.13.( )  If you haven’t heard of it…it’s basically about Zombies taking over Los Angeles!  Watch out everyone, I play a Zombie!! It’s a blast for sure. 8.13 started as an award winning web series, and just recently got picked up by Hart Fisher’s…  American Horrors TV Channel. Everyone, cast and crew of 8.13 are amazing and talented and I just feel so lucky to have joined the 8.13 family!!  You can see the most current teaser that I’m in… floating around on YouTube and also on the American Horrors Channel.

Other than that, I’m always looking for my next project!!
I do have an event coming up in Mid-November at a store in Pasadena called Viva Dulce Marina, it’s a meet and greet kinda deal!! I’m really looking forward to that as well!!  I also have the Magazine cover for Culture Asylum Magazine that I’m SURE your readers would love, I did lots of Gothic/Horror inspired images for their Nov./Dec. 2011 issue. You can order that online.  And lastly, I was just recently interviewed by Southern Belle of Horror, Char Hardin of ( )
The podcast is currently LIVE and up as of today…so you can check that out as well!
I do want to again thank everyone who have helped me along the way.  A huge thanks to my super supportive and loving Hubby and Daughter, love you guys! Thanks to everyone who continues to follow me!!! You guys ROCK!


To Inkerbella- you are absolutely fantastic. I thank you very much for your time and support in this project!

For more information, pics and everything Inkerbella, check out her websites!





About Justin Hamelin

I am a freelance writer, mostly of horror and everything macabre. As a die hard fan of the genre with a particularly deep affinity for Women In Horror, I write film reviews, short stories, screenplays and conduct as many interviews as I can with the fantastic people who make the horror genre my absolute favorite!
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  1. LadyMcScamp says:

    The British Tv show Misfits had a tattoo artist with the power to tattoo people with what he wanted to happen to them just by thinking it – barb wire around the throat to throttle etc. Check it out if you can!

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