Dollin’ Up Horror: Christie Bastet


As an artist, you must be able to take on any and all criticism that comes your way. In order to survive, thick skin and self-confidence is an absolute must.


Meet Christie Bastet. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She takes on any criticism you may have (in fact, she rather welcomes it- odds of her opinions being made into a Youtube video are pretty good. The videos themselves are quite entertaining.)


Christie creates some of the creepiest dolls you’ll find. They are beautiful in their macabre magnificence. She’s also a painter. Each avenue of her creativity represents a different aspect of art entirely. From her dark, creepy dolls to her colorful, warm paintings, Christie is making statements daily. Whether it be through her art or her Youtube videos.

Without further ado, please take some time to get to know Christie Bastet.




1. Your choice of career is fascinating. You do something that is terrifying in principal, but amazing and beautiful in reality. How did dolls and horror become one for you? How long have you been doing this as an art form?

Dolls and horror have always been one in my opinion! I have always loved dolls but they have always seemed creepy to me too. When I was little, my aunt traveled to Egypt and Israel on vacation. She bought me and my sister these little dolls- a boy and a girl. They were not the kind of dolls we could play with, so I would bring them to show and tell whenever I could. They were normal looking, nothing to bad. At some point, we moved and these dolls got put into a box and were forgotten. My Dad pulled down the box many years later and I started screaming. The dolls looked like little corpses.
(here is a picture of the girl)

I played with Barbies as far back as I can remember. I continued to play them with my sister until I was almost in middle school and kids started picking on me so I stopped. I wasn’t happy! I went to a community college when I was 18 and almost all of my projects were created with found objects like doll parts. This was probably the time when I realized that I could be an adult who played with dolls. One of my pieces won a local award and I got a $50 prize. About 4 years later, I started making the creepy dolls with my ex husband and selling them on Ebay under the name Bastet2329.
2. Your dolls are meticulously detailed. What I find most fascinating is that each doll tells a story that’s quite vivid. Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything. Death, life, history, love, sadness, loss, hate, anger, everything. Last week, a customer wanted a doll. She gave me a general idea of what she was looking for but the thing that inspired me most was her old house. I decided to make a doll that had an old key and looked like she was from the time period her home was built in. I wanted her to be like an old ghost that now roams the halls of this old house, locking and unlocking the doors.

I have been doing this for almost 10 years now I would be bored out of my mind if I only created one style of doll. I am constantly changing and so are my dolls.

  1. You also paint. Your paintings are practically polar opposites of your dolls, however. How long does the ‘average’ painting take you to create?

Yes, polar opposites is right. Creating dolls is so different compared to painting on canvas, at least for me. I can spend days holed up in my house working on dolls and then I NEED some kind of break but I cannot stop creating. That is when I work on a collage or a painting. There are also times when I am just really mad or upset and I need to let that feeling go- people have come to refer to paintings I make like this as my “Angry Art.”

How long do they take? I have no idea. Really. Some are very quick. Some I start and finish months later. I have unfinished projects all over the place!


4. Do you re-create any famous dolls in horror lore?

Nope. I will not do it. I get asked to make Chucky dolls all the time but I do not like to re-make an already creepy doll. It has been done. If you are asking which one I liked best I am going to bypass them all and go with Talking Tina. I hated her and loved her!

5. What is your favorite doll you’ve created? I know this may be like asking a mother who her favorite child is. haha

Well, I do not own a single doll I have made. I like making them all in some way I guess but I love the way my skull head dolls look. They are harder to make but I love the end results.




6. What do your children/does your child think of your work?

My daughter loves dolls. She is so much like me sometimes and she loves playing babies and Barbies. She used to ignore my dolls but now she loves to look at them. She gives me suggestions too! She is constantly stealing my doll wigs and placing them on random objects throughout the house or asking me if she can borrow doll clothes.

7. Seriously, how creepy is the legend of Robert the Doll?


He is scary! Without a doubt! I get sent links to him at least once a month, I feel like we are old friends and he needs to move in with me already 🙂

8. Have you always been a fan of horror?

Yes! I got into big trouble with my little sister. I must have been about 8, she was about 6. One day we stole all the dirty laundry from out house and drug it outside onto out patio. We had silver duct tape, a long sleeve shirt, a pair of Dad’s work boots, pants, Dad’s work gloves, and a doll with a big head. We taped everything together and filled the body with dirty clothes. It made a horrible “dummy” but was adult size. We had ketchup and covered it in “blood.” It was fairly heavy and way taller than us so we drug it around the neighborhood. Along the way, other kids joined us and before we knew it, the dummy was laying in the middle of a busy street. Let’s just say that a lady stopped and screamed at us so bad we got scared- she was going to call the police to have us arrested! She thought someone was hit by a car. Lucky for us, the police were not involved and we just got into trouble with our parents.

We do not do things like that anymore but we both love horror to this day and people always think we are freaks. We live together now as adults and it is nice, we are into the same decor 🙂 We have Halloween dishes, a wicker casket from the 1890’s in the living room and creepy dolls in all the nooks and crannies waiting to be shipped to new homes 🙂

9. Who are some of your women in horror heroes?

I love Jamie Lee Curtis. I have been watching her every since I can remember and she has always been classy about what she does- I like that in a woman! I loved Adrienne Barbeau in Creepshow (I watch that while I work all the time!) and The Fog. I have liked Sheri Moon Zombie in all the roles I have seen her in, she brings something to the screen that I do not think anyone else can offer. I could go on and on but I want to see bigger girls in horror movies! My friend Andy sent me one of his DVDs, “Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain” and the lead female role was played by Amanda DeLotelle. My first thought was “WOW!” I think this was the first horror movie I had seen with a larger gal. She is so pretty and it made me happy to see her on the screen!


10. How many art festivals/fairs do you attend in a regular year?

Do I get shot if I say none? I do events here and there and I attend what I can. I have a little girl and it is not that easy to travel plus taking porcelain dolls with me to events can be a pain. I do some local events and if the schedule and money allow, I attend what I can 🙂  Most of what I do is online.


I would like to sincerely thank Christie for her time and enthusiasm with this project.

Check out her website at:


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