Miss Misery Loves Company: Meet Reyna Young!


To all of the young women of the world who are interested in becoming a driving force in the world of independent horror, never let anyone make you feel bad for looking up to the likes of Elvira. She is a beautiful, smart, witty and downright professional woman who takes her horror seriously.

There are women like her all over the world, and most don’t get much light shed on them outside of their own fanbases sadly.  I’d like to proudly point out I’m about to showcase the second awesome horror host I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few months.

Reyna Young is like the Swiss Army knife of horror entrepreneurs, creating a kick ass resume that includes writing, directing, acting, modeling, hosting and comic book work.

She is a saavy business woman who runs her own film production company and has developed a fun-loving fan base thanks to her horror host alter ego Miss Misery.

Check out the website to her show, The Last Doorway Show, here:



But before you do that, take a few minutes to get to know the woman behind the character- the woman in horror I am honored to have be a part of my Women In Horror Month interview project.. Reyna Young!




1.     You do a little bit of everything. What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of filmmaking?

It’s hard to say since I love it all. I never really get bored of any of
them. They are each unique and different in there own ways and I love
doing all of them. It’s hard to keep up with projects and then piling more
projects on and on and also trying to do things that I haven’t done yet
and piling those on. Yes it gets stressful and tiring but at the same time
I find it to be fun!!


2. You are the matriarch of Last Doorway Productions. Where do you hope to see your baby in 5, 10 years?

I hope to see Last Doorway Productions achieve everything it wants too. I
want to have employees and help make films and distribute films and have
the website as a place where people can go and find out all they want
about film making. I will also be coming out with a film makers blog soon
and of course a Miss Misery blog. I do take in interns and help teach them
about the horror business and film making so hopefully it will catch on
and grow.


3. As Miss Misery on The Last Doorway Show, who have been some of your favorite guests or run-ins with celebrities?

WOW! I have interviewed well over a hundred people and I must say it’s
always fun and exciting to meet everyone. Some of the celebrities I did
interview where I was just sitting there shocked that I was even sitting
next to them was James O’ Barr (Creator of The Crow), Heather Langenkamp (
A Nightmare on Elm Street), and Weird Al Yankovic. I must say when it’s
people I grew up watching I do get a little fan shy. They were all so
awesome and down to earth and so sweet. I love meeting new people and so
glad my show allows me to travel and meet everyone who I admire.


4. You created ‘A Nightmare To Remember’. What is the process one goes through to organize a film festival?

One day while on Myspace I was looking at all of these different film
festivals and noticed that there wasn’t a short film festival for horror
shorts in San Francisco. So I decided to start one and I also started
putting up an ad for films without even contacting a theater yet.  I had
no idea how to start one but I did it on what I have seen at other film
festivals and what I would want to see at a film festival. One thing I
enjoyed once was at Wonder con I was waiting in line to get in and I was
handed a free Punisher T-Shirt. I love getting free stuff, who doesn’t. So
at my film festival the first 20 people in line get a goodie bag of free
horror swag. I also do a free raffle for the audience, I have guests and
I show two hours of short films, then do awards and I give a Horror award
to the guest of honor. It’s only a three hour event but everyone seems to
have fun. I love putting them on but I cannot do it all, my husband John
Gillette is a huge help, he helps make sure things  run smooth and is
always there when I need him.


5. How did this year’s Nightmare go?

It was fantastic, we had lots of people great prizes for the raffle, lots
of the fans keep coming back every year so it’s always nice to see
familiar faces and new. We had Megan Franich as our guest of honor and
guests Debra Lamb and The Creepy Kofy Cave Girls. It was three hours of
horrifying fun. Also it’s great to meet the film makers and I always love
the look on there faces when any of them win an award for the film. It’s


6. As a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, what work of his would you most like to

The Raven has always been my favorite, the first poem I read by him
actually. I would love to do something with that poem, I’m not quite sure
yet but I do have a few things in mind. He is such a great writer and I
love all his work but The Raven is something I never got out of my head
and I just really enjoy that poem.



7. Like me, you’ve never been to film school. What advice can you give
young indie horror filmmakers, particularly women?

JUST DO IT!! I followed my friends around who were doing films in college
and I learned from them what I could, I also bought film maker books and
went online, the internet is great to finding out everything you want. I
bought a camera and wrote a 30 minute short and filmed it pretty much by
myself, there was a lot of drama on my set that I didn’t like and got rid
of everyone. I decided to do it myself and refused and I still refuse to
let anyone stop me from what I love doing. My best advice for anyone not
just females is you only live once do everything you want to now before
it’s to late.


8. Why do you think women are still considered ‘the weaker sex’,
especially in horror?

Well we have always been seen as just girls, when there’s much more to us.
We love horror, we love blood and guts and scaring people. We have an
imagination to and I think when it comes down to it just like any other
genre out there men seem to just feel as if they are more superior and
they know what they’re doing and we’re just little girls. They need to get
over that because we kick just as much ass if not more…. Females are the
ones in the horror genre who kick more ass, just look at Adrienne King in
Friday The 13th or Heather Langekamp from Nightmare on Elm Street, or even
Jaime Lee Curtis in Halloween. We’ve always kicked ass and will continue
to do it both in front and behind the camera.


9. Who are your horror role models?

Growing up I had male role models, all male. Which again I guess back then
there weren’t too many females doing any behind the scenes but as I got
older I learned of some women in the horror genre and my mindset changed.
But when I was younger it was John carpenter, Wes Craven, Edgar Allen Poe,
and any females who survived in horror flicks like Adrienne King or Jamie
Lee Curtis, Heather Langenkamp. I wanted to grow up to be the Scream Queen
thinking that I would never get a chance to be behind the camera. But now
I just do everything and it’s great and more women each year are doing
more and more behind the scenes, I love it!!



10. What projects are you currently working on?

I have more comic books coming out “Forgotten Tales” it’s like the new
Tales From The Crypt which I will also be making into a series. I will be
doing two new feature films that I cannot talk about. Let’s just say it’s
going to be a real treat. Also I am focusing a lot on my shows right now
which are on television “Movie Massacre” and The Last Doorway” I will also
be coming out with a couple of compilation DVDs of short horror films!


It was a great pleasure having the chance to pick Reyna’s brain a bit! I thank her for her time and positive energy!


Keep up on all things coming from The Last Doorway Productions!



Lastly, it may be under construction at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled for Reyna’s official website at:


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I am a freelance writer, mostly of horror and everything macabre. As a die hard fan of the genre with a particularly deep affinity for Women In Horror, I write film reviews, short stories, screenplays and conduct as many interviews as I can with the fantastic people who make the horror genre my absolute favorite!
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