Step On Up! Welcome To Cyndiland!!! A WiH Interview With Cyndi Crotts.


Cyndi Crotts began her ascension through the indie ranks at the age of 15. She literally took the road less traveled throughout her youth, moving from state to state for the better part of a decade as a child into her adolesence.

With 31 acting credits on her laundry list of a resume, Cyndi doesn’t limit herself to just working in front of the video camera. She’s also a highly regarded pin-up model and she travels the convention circuit like nobody’s business. When you think of “Women In Horror”, Cyndi Crotts is exactly the type of woman you should expect to be brought up in a conversation.

Quite possibly my favorite thing Cyndi supports is her Facebook page and blog, CYNDILAND. Not only does she keep the pages fresh with up-to-the-minute updates, she also celebrates others’ independent projects and encourages fellow indie artists to share their works with her. Nothing embodies the ‘Women In Horror’ persona more than a lady spreading the work and success of others.

Not only does Cyndi act and model, she also produces, directs and hosts her own web show.

When she isn’t rocking the indie world, she’s supporting a wonderful charity- she’s a 10 year alumni walker for the Walk For Diabetes cause.

Did I mention she’s a comic book model, too?

Please take a few minutes to learn about one of the coolest Women In Horror you’ll ever meet… Cyndi Crotts!!





1.     You are not just a beautiful woman in horror in the flesh, but also in the graphic art world. How did you get involved in working with comics and what comics are you a part of?

I became involved with the comic book world last fall of 2010 when I was contacted by Dennis Willman. He asked if I would like to be involved in his comic book series Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead. I saw what he had created and read the script he sent me about my character and the story itself and I just couldn’t say no. The comic book is created, written and designed by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio’s. Dennis also is the man behind the artistic drawings for each and every character in this comic. To give you the short and skinny….“Ginger-Stein” is the story of an ordinary woman called upon to become extraordinary as the world falls victim to a zombie apocalypse.” My character in this series is Officer Kate Sully who is a Detroit police officer. She’s tortured by the fact that she was betrayed and lost her entire family, angry and deeply saddened. Sully is a predator, a cunning and intelligent creature that stands apart from her undead brethren. This comic book series has an awesome list of actors attached to it. It will definitely be a comic that will for sure catch the interest of B-Horror movie fans. To find out more on this awesome comic and where to keep a look out for it, here is the link for you, I will also be in 2 other comic books, the second one is called “The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow” coming fall 2012 which is by Bobby Ray Akers Jr and Dennis Willman. The third comic book I’ll be in is called “Ginger-Stein II: Wrath of the Undead” coming Fall 2013 which is created, written and designed by Dennis Willman. I am very excited and honored to work with these two wonderful guys. They both have been awesome to work with already and I can’t wait to get started on these other 2 comics.

2. Your web show has you wearing just about every hat possible. Can you tell us a bit about this venture? (The show was initially titled ‘Off The Beaten Path’ but plans are to give the show a new name)

My company, Traveling Brat Productions, LLC. will be producing the show. We are actually going to be giving the show a new name this year. There are so many places and websites that’s been called Off The Beaten Path and we felt it would be best to change the name and make a whole new name but with the same idea. We are throwing a few names around now so we hope to have it up and ready for this year. It’s still very brand new and we’re working to get some more shows up and ready for 2012. We plan to go to places that people tend to forget about or don’t really pay attention to, like the mom and pop places so to speak. Since a lot of places out there tend to get taken over by the big guys, these other little places fall off the map. So we want to bring them back out to the people’s eyes again. It will be considered a travel show and we will be checking out places that are odd along with places to go eat even just off the road kind of little places or even weird places and things. The possibilities of this show will be endless so we aren’t just focused on one particular thing. We look to eventually take the show to other parts of the US and be able to show people other places that are out there that people have forgotten about or just really didn’t know that was there. Plus there will be some off the wall things on the show as well which will make it a bit different but it will be a fun show for everyone to see.



3. As a pin-up model and actress, is there one or the other you enjoy doing more? What are some perks both careers have?

Honestly, I find both these positions very rewarding. You can learn so much from each one. Now I must admit I am an actress at heart an that will always be my passion and most favorite thing in life to do but my second is pin-up modeling so these are my 2 favorite sides of the business to be in.
As for my experience so far, both of these careers have almost the same perks. I’ve been in magazines and on the cover of magazines…had numerous interviews and get to travel to different places. I get to dress up and get my picture taken so it’s almost like being in the same field. There is so many possibilities to both careers that I really don’t think one is really better than the other, I just love them both so much.


4. Your first film, ‘Hell’s Little Angels’, is coming up fast. Can you give us a little taste of what to expect?

Yes it is and I’m so excited. We still have a bit to go before filming starts and we’re making sure when the time is right, that this film becomes a hit with every one.
Sure I can do that, but just a taste- haha- .It’s a grind house style horror film with bad-ass chic’s that have a lust for killing….blood, humor and fun all rolled up in one.


5. What advice would you give a young woman aspiring to be in the film or modeling industry?

First rule, always keep your guard up and if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Never let anyone talk you into doing anything that you’re not comfortable with. Always do your research when it comes to the entertainment business and make sure you know who the companies or individuals are that you are involved with. Never give up on your dream and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Always have faith in yourself and trust your gut instincts. 

6. What roped you into the horror genre?

I would have to say that comes from way back when I was a kid. My father was the first person in my life that got me into the horror genre. I had been scared of certain things and he had liked horror films so when I was old enough, he let me watch my first horror film. From that point I’ve loved horror films ever since and I kept up with it through the years. When I got into the acting business, I decided that’s where I wanted to be in the horror field. It took a little while to get established enough for me to get into this side of the bizz but once I did, I just kept on going. It’s really a fun side of the business to be in. Every horror icon out there is so loved by all ages. Funny how we praise the boogie man… haha




7. As a model, you clearly embody confidence and beauty. Who are some strong women in the indie business you admire?

Awe you’re too kind…thank you so much for that comment, I just do what I love to do.

As for the women I admire, to me they really have to show that they have what it takes and they are go getters. Most of the ones I’ve met have been so down to earth and just awesome women to get to know. Some of them I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet but have chatted with them and they are just as nice and down to earth as well.

 I would have to say that Shannon Lark is one of the most awesome women in the indie business that I’ve gotten to meet so far. I kept up with her and followed her career and just admired her for what she did. I mean she’s done it all, acting, modeling, writing, directing, producing and the list goes on. She’s an awesome actress and has a great attitude when it comes to a lot of things. When I found out that I was going to be in a film with her about a year in a half ago, I was a little intimidated and excited all at the same time and was just thinking to myself Oh My God I get to met Shannon Lark! Haha…

 When I did meet her, she was just so awesome and down to earth and actually we hit it off from the start. I so love her attitude and the way she is and how she thinks. I can actually say she is a really great friend of mine in this business, and she has helped me in a lot of ways and has given me some great advice to help me along the way.

 Another one out there I would have to say is Nicole Kruex. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person as of yet but she to is another go getter and is also an actress, director, writer and producer as well. I’ve kept up with her career as well and she to is another women in the business that I admire and would love to actually meet in person one day and also hope to work with as well. When we actually started talking I was just amazed at how smart and how wonderful of a person she is. She is so down to earth and she’s been a great person to get to know. She has also been a great help to me in this business and has given me a lot of great advice and help as well. Nicole is such an awesome person to get to know and I’m glad that she is a really great friend of mine as well.

 Other women that I would like to get to meet and that I admire would be DeeDee Bigelow & Jen & Sylvia Soska. These 3 ladies I’ve chatted with briefly but find them all very strong women and confident in what they do. They to have been great to chat with and have a down to earth style about them as well. I hope to one day meet and work with these awesome ladies as well.


8. What is your favorite horror franchise?

I guess I would have to go with Halloween and Saw those have both been my favorites, plus I actually own the whole series of both.


9. What has been your most proud moment as a Woman In Horror?

I guess when I got my first magazine cover and then started getting all the interviews coming in from all different companies and people in the horror bizz. I don’t think I have just one moment yet that I can say has been the best so for. I have enjoyed them all the same and would do it all over again. I still have lots more to go and more horror films to achieve so I’m still on a roll. Ha!

10. What is a favorite urban legend of yours, seeing as how you grew up in several different states? Were there any that really resonated with you?


I can’t re-call any urban legends from my past when growing up and being in all those different states. I’m sure as a kid some where along the line I was told an urban legend. I mostly remember just being able to get to see a lot of different places and visiting different things that I would have not gotten to do the older I became. I’ve seen a lot growing up such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Pikes Peak in CO, the painted dessert in AZ…I’ve been snow skiing in Aspen and Vale Colorado. I’ve Seen Mt St. Helens, been gold panning in Criple Creek Colorado, been to the Mormon Tabernacle in Utah and the list goes on. No urban legends that I remember just lots of great places. 

11. What would you like your legacy as a Woman In Horror and model to be?

This is a very hard question for me to answer but I will do my best. I think it would have to be really my personality and who I really am as a person. Of course I want people to remember me from all the horror films and comics & pinup modeling projects that I have been involved in. I still have more hurdles and goals to accomplish and am working on some of those as we speak. As long as I am active in the entertainment business, I feel my legacy of who I am will go a long ways. I feel that the projects themselves that I have been involved in, will always be alive and in turn it will keep who I am alive even when I’m long gone when people are watching the films or reading the comics that I had been involved in.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Cyndi. I would like to sincerely thank her for her time and support.

For more info on Cyndi, check out her Facebook page-

Do yourself a favor and check out the Cyndiland page!!!!

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