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Sophia Segal: A Woman In Horror You Should Know.

Sophia Segal isn’t just a horror film director- she is an enthusiastic advocate of all things film and art. While she doesn’t plan on painting herself into a corner by focusing solely on horror, it should come as little surprise … Continue reading

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Amy Fear: A Fitting Name For A Fantastic Woman In Horror!

As the interviews continue to roll out here on the blog, I am thrilled to be able to show off new aspects of the horror genre with each interview. Today, we meet a woman who is taking the role of … Continue reading

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A WiH interview with writer and horror fanatic Kayleigh Frost

I first got in touch with Kayleigh Frost through the wonderful cyber-world known as Facebook. I can’t pinpoint exactly when we started talking, nor can I recall a specific conversation that forged our friendship, but the result thus far has … Continue reading

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Megan Sacco: A Women In Horror You Oughta Know!

A huge theme throughout this blog is entrepreneurship. When many casual fans of movies think of women in horror, it’s still almost second nature for them to think of half-naked blondes running through the woods and screaming their heads off. … Continue reading

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Iconic: A WiH Interview With Lori Cardille.

Once in a great while, a select few of us are fortunate enough to have a conversation with someone we consider a true icon of their field of expertise. Recently, I had the ridiculous pleasure of chatting with Lori Cardille, … Continue reading

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