Kluckin Around With Kandi Ranson: A WiH Interview.

Kandi Ranson is a psychic medium, an intregal part in a successful independent film company and one of the most easily self-motivated people you will ever meet.

Working in a very serious profession dealing with a very serious matter, Kandi takes her responsibilities seriously. As a medium, she is always willing to help those in need and offers her services through a website that you will be able to find later on in her interview.

As a proud member of Kluckin Films (hailing from South Carolina), Kandi gets down and dirty in any aspect of filmmaking the company needs her in. When she isn’t getting soaked in blood or chased by monsters, she’s working the social networks and doing everything she can to ensure Kluckin’s films are seen by as many people as possible.

I had the pleasure of chatting back and forth with Kandi recently. 


1. You have very extensive experience working as a psychic and with the paranormal. What is your earliest recollection of tapping into this medium?

As long as I can remember! I am a natural born psychic medium. I have always had many extraordinary abilities, commonly known as supernatural. Fortunately, I was raised in an environment which allowed for freedom of self expression, with no judgments.

2. Can you talk a little about what it is you actually do or see?

It was not the first time, but at age six a see through old woman and old man came into my bedroom one night. They told me they were my great grandparents, that this was their house before it was mine. They told me how my grandfather had built it for them. They told me they loved me and had been waiting for me to arrive, and that I could live there as long as I liked. At that time we had only lived there a short time. A few days later we went to see my grandfather. I asked him if he built my house for his parents. His reaction was of surprise.
“Did your mother tell you that?” he asked.
“No, my great grandparents told me that.” I replied.
With a knowing look in his eyes he hugged me and said “Yes, I did build it for them and that is where they lived and died.”
He paused “You tell them I hope they are happy now.”

 When we got ready to leave he handed me a bouquet of flowers he had grown in his yard. He asked me to put them on their grave, which is behind the house I lived in. I offer a garden variety of different kinds of psychic reading and services. I can foretell of events to come, find missing objects or people; as well as see the past, present and future of people, places and objects around me. I am empathic and can feel what others are feeling. I hear what others are thinking. I have studied Dream Interpretation for over twenty years. I have studied Astrology and Astronomy for about thirty years. I offer Photo Readings, Tarot Readings, Spell Casting Assistance, Cleansing and Negative Energy Removal, Birth Charts and my special Secrets of Your Birthday Report. I was ordained as High Priestess on October 13th, 2004 and do perform weddings, Crossing The Bridge or Life Celebration (more commonly known as funerals), Rites Of Passage, Naming and other Ceremonies. I open myself as an empty vessel of communication between the living and those who have passed on into the beyond. I have actually seen people, in their after life state, and do hear them speak to me.

Anyone can learn more about and obtain my services at http://psychicpriestesskandiranson.info

3. You founded Magic Parents In Myrtle Beach. What drove you to create an avenue like this?

 Magic Parents In Myrtle Beach is an ecclectic group of individuals who genuinely care about the health and welfare of our fellow women, children and men. We strive to help those in need and to help heal Mother Earth. Magic Parents In Myrtle Beach was founded to create an avenue to information and a support system for our members, and community related subjects. As a hand woven mat is woven with love and kindness; so are our lives and we wanted to continue to help improve what it is we share with each other in our constant co-existence.

4. You are interwoven into Kluckin Films, which was founded in 1999. You’ve done just about everything, wearing practically every hat possible. What aspect of this company do you enjoy being a part of most? Least?

I didn’t actually become one of the Kluckin Films Crew till November of 2005. Dwayne King, the founder, and I first met in 1999. I was driving a taxi and he was working at the House Of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as a sound engineer. In 2003 Dwayne started driving a taxi. We were what is considered rival cabbies; meaning we worked for different companies. We would see each other at mutual taxi stands. Mostly at the strip clubs. We would get out of our cabs and talk just to pass the time. After learning he was a local filmmaker I often joked with him about putting me in one of his movies. After that we started hanging out together at the local watering holes. In November of 2005 there was a knock on my door. When I opened the door Dwayne King and Scott Collins stood there with big grins on their faces.

Dwayne asked, “So, are you ready to be in that movie?” I invited them in, learned what the role was and accepted.

After Dwayne discovered that I was also a computer wiz I became much more involved with the company in the marketing department. I built a website for them, took behind the scenes still photos and was appointed the administrator of Kluckin Films MySpace site. I have mad people skills and also became a casting agent for them. I worked behind the scenes in almost every aspect possible. Then when Dwayne started editing ‘Kill Syndrome’ I ended up typing the credits for the movie and giving him a consumers opinion on different aspects of his editing work. My event organization skills let me to become their even organizer. I started by booking, and marketing, the first public showing of ‘Kill Syndrome’; our first feature film which is now available in about 12 countries. This happened to be the first film I worked on with Kluckin Films. My character is the first victim. Honestly I enjoy all of it from formulating the ideas to watching them become reality in the editing process. I love meeting and working with new people. It is a very exciting, and rewarding, experience! I have to admit I do not like when we work in extreme temperatures. When they film outside I am required to have shelter from the sun, for the most part, because I am allergic to the sun. I get cold easily and my extremities become icicles. But then again it is hard to warm the dead! Other than that, at the end of the day, not having help to clean up catering can be an exhausting experience, when I have also prepared the homemade meal for everyone.

5. As Vice President of Kluckin Films, how does your company go about creating an idea for a film? Is it a collaborative effort or are there people specifically used for writing scripts and such?

The ideas come from everywhere. No one person is responsible for script writing. Many of Kluckin Films earlier films had no scripts. They were just ideas. Dwayne films, and directs, all the shoots with an occasional assistant director on set. In the cases of no script films the actors and actresses are just directed on what to do and how to act. Much of the dialogue was improved. We have decided to do things more professionally over the years. There will be scripts for future productions.

6. Are all the films created by the sole members of the company or do you accept submissions from outside filmmakers as well?

We are always open to new ideas and working with new artists. We accept submissions from anyone for about any kind of project from motion picture production to music videos, instructional videos, commercials and about anything possible. We also offer editing services, voice over service and live sound production services.

7. Several films have achieved impressive success, namely ‘Piggy’. How did that project come to be?

In 2001, Kluckin Films heard about the House of Blues and WKZQ radio station sponsoring a Rob Zombie short horror films contest so they jumped right into the project head first. Six cohorts got together and formulated the idea for ‘Piggy, set in Pigsville, South Carolina, as a thought of “What if the shoe were on the other foot, what if Pigs acted like people and people acted like pigs?”

Filmed on a Sony Hi 8 and edited on a iMove on Mac computer the entire filming and editing process took 3 days.

About a week before the showing at the House of Blues Dwayne’s phone rang about 8 o’clock in the morning. The voice on the other end of the phone belonged to Mad Max, a DJ at WKZQ Radio, telling him (live on the air) that Piggy had beat out 47 other film submissions. Miracles never cease to happen. Dwayne actually answered his phone. He was rarely awake at that time of day back then. About 1000 people viewed ‘Piggy’ in its entirety, before Rob Zombie performed live that night. It’s ironic that we have seen some similarities to parts of ‘Piggy’ in some of Zombie’s films.

You can learn more about Kluckin Films at http://kluckinfilms.tripod.com

8. You also run the switchboards for KLUC radio. How is the radio business treating you guys?

Switchboard Operator on KLUC Radio can be a bit involved but it is one of the most fun things I have done. We love to showcase our movies, other peoples movies, actors, actresses, writers, producers and introduce Independent music artists and find out about them. If you have listened to our shows you already know that we have covered everything from music to movies, politics and yes even psychics. Till now this has been something we have done for fun and to get Kluckin Films better known, but in 2012 we do plan on doing something even bigger. And you will just have to listen to find out what we have in store.

You can listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kluckinfilms

9. What are a few of your favorite horror films?

My very first was ‘Hell Raiser’. Now, ‘Hell Raiser’ is still high on the list, but ‘Kill Syndrome’ and ‘The Bleeding’ by Kluckin Films, ‘Midnight Matinee Psycho’ by Derek Young, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ by Tobe Hooper, all of the ‘Saw’ movies by James Wan, ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ and ‘The Devils Rejects’ by Rob Zombie, ‘Hostel’ by Quentin Tarantino, ‘The Hills Run Red’ by David Parker and this list just gets longer by the day!

10. Who is your favorite horror villain?

That’s a hard decision to make. Freakshow & Sledgehammer Sally in ‘Kill Syndrome’ are the pair I love. Baby in ‘Devil’s Rejects’ and ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ is another favorite.

11. Have you always been a fan of horror films?

Yes, even when I was too young to watch them.

I sincerely appreciate Kandi’s time and support throughout this interview process- it took a few extra days to go live with this interview than I expected, but it’s finally posted! haha… Thank you, Kandi!

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