Megan Sacco: A Women In Horror You Oughta Know!

A huge theme throughout this blog is entrepreneurship. When many casual fans of movies think of women in horror, it’s still almost second nature for them to think of half-naked blondes running through the woods and screaming their heads off.

Through Women In Horror Month, the incredible not-for-profit organization Viscera, and the works of some of the most amazing minds in the film community, those stereotypes are being broken, burnt to ashes and buried deep, deep down in the horror culture.

The ladies taking charge of our beloved genre are not only talented actresses, passionate filmmakers and innovative creators of terror, they are founders and major players in some of the biggest companies producing independent films these days- paging the Soska Twins, Reyna Young, Heidi Honeycutt, Shannon Lark and Jovanka Vuckovic, just to name a few.

You can add Megan Sacco to this group as well.

As CEO of Lady Haunter Inc., Megan’s company specializes in film making, merchandise and consultation, which includes acting coaching.

As you do more research on Megan’s pride and joy, you quickly learn that Lady Haunter represents much more than horror films. Working with charitable foundations such as Treat A Tot, The Critical Kids Foundation, PINK Revolution, and the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, this is how we start to learn about Megan Sacco the woman and the humanitarian.

Through her company and her top-notch determination, Megan also founded the Stiletto Film Festival which successfully conquered its second fest this past February!

When Megan’s not succeeding in scaring you to death, she’s willing to clothe your infant through her baby goods clothing line, Tony & Bella’s Hamper.

We haven’t even gotten into her acting career! Megan has nine credits to her name (so long as IMDB is to be believed), as well as two assistant director credits and a a producer role.

So as you can see, Megan isn’t the “sit around and watch paint dry” type of lady, and that’s exactly how we love our women in horror! Kicking names and taking ass! Well, something like that… you get what I’m saying- she squeezes every second out of every hour possible, so it was a huge honor having the chance to chat with her lately.

So without further ado, I present to you my interview with the fantastic Megan Sacco!


1. What was it like managing a haunted house?

Absolutely amazing! I worked at Spooky World for 13 years doing everything from build out, acting to security. Managing a haunt is interesting because you have to make sure everything is working – and know how to fix it – on the spot if necessary! You have to be able to work with various personalities – teach people “how” to scare. Yes there is more to it then…BOO! I would LOVE to have my own Haunt!!

2. The Stiletto Film Fest is an incredible feat. Please tell us how this came about.

STILETTO- Haha, believe it or not the name was the easiest part. I wear heels and love Stilettos, hence the name. Last year I came across Hannah’s site regarding Women in Horror Month and wanted to jump in on the fun.  I have an amazing team and I just knew we could pull this off.

3. How does a typical fest get set up?

Well we got a late start last year so we had 3 months to get it together. It’s New England, February and it snowed 2 days before the fest. We didn’t have the greatest location. HOWEVER, we DID have amazing submissions and tremendous support!
This year we started much earlier, have a high end venue in the heart of Boston. It has come together as a real Red carpet event that I am very proud of. Everyone has worked so hard! The guest judges coming in are very excited as well.

4. You are quite the accomplished woman in horror (Stiletto Film Fest, Lady Haunter, Tromette Of The Month- May 2009, Rogue Cinema’s Sleepover Girl of The Month- Nov 2010). What else do you hope to accomplish within the genre?

Thank you, Justin…
I would love for everyone to see my films. Buy my children’s clothing: Tony & Bella’s Hamper- not the stuff you find at The Gap! My Lady Haunter HOT TEE’S.. My personal goal is to make a film good enough for Tribeca Film Festival!

5. Your Treat A Tot work is well documented and absolutely awesome. Did you come up with this idea?

OH, that is NOT my brainchild! That credit goes to DAI GREEN!!!! My team and I took point for Boston.


6. Why do you think women in the horror business are still looked at as inferior, for the most part, by their male counterparts?

The million dollar question…My opinion, this genre women are supposed to look and be a certain way. Meaning – attractive, but don’t touch anything.
I am fortunate that I have surrounded myself with people that do NOT think that way. Alex Pucci has been my mentor! I am so proud of the fact that there are so many WOMEN directors out there! The stigma is shifting!

7. What is your favorite horror film?

The Exorcist

8. Who are some indie women you admire?

There are so many. Kate Beckinsale, Naomi Watts, Asia Argento, Susan Adriensen and Michelle Tomlinson come to mind.

9. What can we expect from you in the coming months?

I have 4 movies FINALLY ready for release!! I just rolled out my Children’s clothing line, I will be producing and acting in a PIP’s film. Lady Haunter Production (my company) will be shooting a short in January. Then Stiletto in February! I’m casting for my feature Steele Hearts. And getting ready for some conventions.
I am in 2 major films filming in Boston over the summer. Fashion shows…I keep busy!

10. If you could sit down and have a discussion with one horror icon, past or present, who would it be and why?

Jamie Lee Curtis, She is such a powerhouse. She is the real deal. I mean she set the stage on so many levels not just in horror. I look at her now and she is doing commercials with her hair naturally grey. And looking amazing.

11. How did this year’s Stiletto Film Festival go?

Stiletto this year was fantastic, it was held at The Back Bay event center in Boston. We all stayed at The Plaza. The judges were…Melanie Robel, Monique Dupree, Susan Adriensen and Rick Dumont. The submissions came from everywhere around the world it was just incredible! These women that made these films made it so difficult (because there were some real good ones) for the selections. Some of the film makers flew in for the event. We had some vendors. Anyone that has anything to do with a film fest or a convention knows that it takes money and a lot of it. Unfortunately we did not have any sponsors this year. We did have lots of folks supporting the event. So we are going back to the drawing board as they say. I made an announcement at the fest. 2013 Stiletto will be a 2 day event that will be held in APRIL open to ALL genres still dedicated to women film makers. Stayed tuned to the website for more information on submissions, vendors, sponsorship and volunteer help!


I sincerely thank Megan for all of her time and support!


About Justin Hamelin

I am a freelance writer, mostly of horror and everything macabre. As a die hard fan of the genre with a particularly deep affinity for Women In Horror, I write film reviews, short stories, screenplays and conduct as many interviews as I can with the fantastic people who make the horror genre my absolute favorite!
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