Morbid Memories with Sarah Sigler

The following isn’t the first time I’ve had a chance to chat with the exceptionally talented Sarah Sigler. In fact, if you go back to my old Mangled Matters blog that is no longer in use, you can find the first interview I did with her.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in the span of four and a half months. Following that first interview, Sarah and her husband Dustin Sigler, have gone on to do some incredible photo shoots, including snapping horror cult heroes John Amplas (‘Martin’, ‘Day Of The Dead’) and fellow Woman In Horror icon Lori Cardille (‘Day Of The Dead’). The Siglers have also been proudly represented at Virginia Beach’s inaugural Blood On The Beach last weekend- Sarah had the chance to do the official photo ops for the convention, which meant she not only got to snap tons of fantastic pics with fans of all kinds, but she also had the chance to shoot members of ‘The Lost Boys’ and Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery of ‘Boondock Saints’ fame!

Needless to say, it’s been a fantastic first quarter of 2012 for the snapshot couple, and mark my words- things will only be getting bigger and better!

So come along with me, as we chat with the awesome Mrs. Sarah Sigler once again and discuss everything from her photography to ‘The Walking Dead’ to our distain for CGI!

1. You recently attended Blood On The Beach. As a fan of the genre, how did that weekend go?

It was awesome. I was surprised of the turn out- I think everyone was- since this was the very first convention for Blood On The Beach. I’m really hoping it’s not the last. I have friends and family all close to Virginia Beach, so not only did I meet some awesome celebs, but I got to hang out with friends and family I haven’t talked to in many years. I finally got to meet up with Felissa Rose. She was the main reason for me deciding to go to the convention. We had briefly talked online beforehand and she wanted to do some horror photos (we didn’t have time though since I ended up with a JOB at the convention). She was just as amazing in person as she is anywhere else. I’m definitely a bigger fan now than I ever was. Plus I’m a huge fan of her hubby, the lead singer of CKY, one of my favorite bands. I got to meet Cleve Hall and Constance Hall from ‘Monster Man’ which was incredibly amazing since (husband) Dustin and I “ooh” and “ahh” over everything they create. I also got to talk to a lot of the guys from ‘The Lost Boys’. They were all so very sweet and kind! All in all it was one amazing weekend.

2. More importantly, you were pegged to do photo ops at the convention, including shooting Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus! How did this opportunity come about and how did the shoots go??

Before I even knew about Blood On The Beach, I befriended a guy on Facebook named “Dark Shutter”. Honestly I forget how I found him, probably through mutual friends. I remember showing him our page and him liking it and giving his responses. Months go by and then he messaged me asking if I was going to the convention, little did I know he was the one throwing it! About a week later he asked me if I would be interested in doing the photo ops! He already had the lighting so all I would have to get is a professional printer to print out the photos. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity so I definitely said yes. We were really apprehensive because I ended up spending all, if not a little more, of Dustin’s bonus check to get all I needed. We were flat broke before I went to the con because of everything I had to buy. But luckily it turned out amazing and I was able to make back what we spent plus more. It would have been even more successful if they had promoted the photo ops a little more. Hardly anyone knew about them. The shoots went well, although I was a nervous wreck taking Norman and Sean’s photos. They are used to the other photo op people doing photos incredibly fast. I hate rushing, so we went a little slower than they were used to. I think this annoyed them because Norman even said it was the worst photo op he’d ever done, minus a few curse words. But the next day they were very impressed with the quality of my photos, which made all the fans very happy. And that’s all that mattered to me!

Sarah and the 'Monster Man', Cleve Hall!

3. Recently, you’ve switched over from SP Horror to Morbid Memories as your company name. Personally, I like the new name more for what you’re doing. What are your goals with Morbid Memories?

We switched names, which was mainly my idea, due to the fact that people at the Horrorhound Convention thought we were a production company rather than photography. So I wanted something with photography actually in the name. Knowing that I had the photo ops to do at Blood On The Beach, I figured it fit really well with the photo ops themselves as well. I mean, horror ties in with morbid and memories…well, don’t you want to remember an awesome convention you went to?! I’m really hoping to continue with taking photo ops. I think I could bring something different to the scene than what people are used to nowadays. I’ve heard from many people that at previous cnoventions, you weren’t allowed photos at the table with the celebs (if they agreed to do the photo ops), you were only allowed a digital copy, and the people doing it were rude and uncaring of the fans. They only seemed to care for the money. Well we did things differently. You could still take photos with the celebs at their tables (which made the photo ops optional), and when I got back to the hotel room I uploaded each and every picture to my website so people could buy additional copies (8×10 or wallets) at just $10 (includes shipping) each. I thought wallets would be cool because no one else offers that and you can take it with you to show off! Also, I included a digital copy for free as well as printing the photo out for everyone at the convention. So you get a great print to hang, and a high resolution photo to post on your facebook page!! After doing what I did, I had a TON of people message me asking if I would do more conventions. Many people were shocked this was my first photo ops gig at a convention. So I’m trying to get my name out there a little more.

4. You’ve really started tackling ideas for future horror conventions head on. What are some ideas you’re throwing around to get your product out there?

I answered a little bit of this in the previous question- whoops!! I’m doing things differently than most photo op photographers. I want a kinder, more approachable experience with photo ops. So many people don’t even consider them because they are overpriced, not very good photos, and the people are just plain rude. As long as the celebs do not mind that I take this approach I will do whatever photo op people would want me to do. As well as doing photo ops, I’m hoping to attend some shows as a vendor but take a different approach the next time around. This time when I go to a convention as a vendor, I’m going to set up my own little booth backdrop. I’m going to take photos of everyone’s costume!! For just $10 they can get their photo taken and a photo printed out right there as a souvenior! And for an extra $5, I’ll edit it a little more to make you look even more realistic!! So instead of showing off your cosutme your photo turns into a work of art! I’m hoping to get one more photo op gig under my belt though before thinking of vending, just so I know I have the back up cash in case I need it. I had a few people tell me they wouldn’t even considered the photo op until they found out I was doing them. Then they were all over it. Also, if people realize that the photo op is optional and not required in order to get a photo, a lot of people are more interested.

5. Where do you see yourself and Morbid Memories in 5 years?

It’s hard to say where I really see myself. I never know if I’m actually going to succeed as fast as I’d like or if it’s going to take a while. I’m hoping, though, that in 5 years I”ll be doing at least five or six conventions a year as well as doing my regular photography. I’d like to be popular among the fans as the “new” photo op photographer for conventions. Some celebs may not like the fact that I’m not as fast but I’m still learning. I think you can still be fast and efficient without acting like a dick to the fans. And that’s what I plan on doing- making the fans have a new experience for their photo ops carrying it around during the convention and even getting home excited to download the digital copy and order more prints for very low prices. With all the feedback I’ve gotten from just one convention, I’m hoping nothing but the best for it. I’m sure I’ll get a few people not liking it or something to complain about, but you can’t please everyone, which is something that’s hard for me to get a grip on because I love making people happy. That’s one reason I just gave away two tickets I had won for Horrorhound Weekend. I won a photography contest for Lost or Forgotten Photography and got two tickets to the con I was vending. Everyone asked how much I wanted for them but I gave them away to a guy who messaged me first. He was shocked. But I love throwing surprises like that to people. My dad was like that. I’m hoping to make enough to do something like that one day for the new fans I’ll get.

with Joe Turkel from 'The Shining'!

6. What conventions are you planning on attending later this year?

Honestly, none right now. Not unless they need photo ops or their tables are cheap. We just can’t afford it unless I’m going to take a job there. It makes me sad because after going to Blood On The Beach, I realized a lot of people that go to cons go to them all over and it’s like revisiting your friends over and over!

7. If you could sit down with one horror icon, past or present, who would it be and why?

This is so hard. Honestly, I have no idea. I think immediately of Vincent Price, but then I can’t think of a damn thing I would ask him! I’d have to actually sit down and think hard about it. I would love to visit with George Romero to pick his brain for a little while! He’s so awesome. I’d also want to ask him why he’s been going the CGI route a lot lately when I think hands on effects are much more effective in his earlier movies. ‘Day of the Dead’ is a  great example of that. It’s one of the more visually believeable Romero zombie flicks, I think.

8. As my ‘Walking Dead’ expert, what were your thoughts on Season 2’s ending?

AMAZING!!!! I honestly wish I had the money to get the comics because I had no idea about Michonne until people started talking about her. And her appearance at the very end was epic. I cannot wait for Season 3,  especically since they showed the prison the last few seconds. It just opens a crap ton of new doors for the season!

9. What was the last horror film you saw that you really enjoyed?

I haven’t had time to watch movies! That makes me really sad. I know a lot of the newer movies that have come out recently since I a lot of people’s reviews. Since I can’t go to a theater anymore, I see if a movie would really be worth the time and effort to find a babysitter to go. Most aren’t. They are either the same ideas done over and over, or they just don’t hold enough interest for me over all. It’s hard with horror movies anymore because just about everything has already been done and with CGI and practical effects so advanced now, we expect more and more out of new movies so we don’t get bored. :sigh: I miss the old says of Romero movies and Vincent Price movies. I really like ‘The Tingler’, I think I mentioned that one in my last interview! I am, however, really anxious to see ‘The Raven’. It’s an interesting twist on his books and I think it looks really good. I’m upset with ‘Dark Shadows’! I can’t believe Burton made it a comedy. I told my mom that maybe it’s a good thing that Jonathan Frid didn’t see it before he died….

Horror Sisters From Other Misters- Lori Cardille and Sarah Sigler

Check out the Morbid Memories Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled on the official website too!!




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  1. Psy-Ko says:

    I got one of Sarah’s ops at BOTB, the one with Joe Turkle. It came out amazing! And she was a lot nicer then the amphibians in the biz! I don’t do ops very often, this was only my second one but in the future I’d be much more likely to part with my money knowing Sarahs behind the camera!

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