Talking Indie Horror With Kaylee Williams.

As a member of the independent horror community, Kaylee Williams has done Chicago proud for several years now.
With an impressive twenty-four acting credits to her name on IMDB, Williams is one of the most active horror ladies in film these days.

Following a solid 2011 (a year bursting with projects, but the always humble Ms. Williams refers to it as a slow year!), Kaylee has shown no signs of slowing down.

2012 also has seen Williams branch out into the world of producing. ‘Disciples‘, one of her latest projects, has her pull double duty as a producer and actress. Kaylee is a professional who has her eyes set on a bright future. Her humility and enthusiasm for the craft she loves fits in perfectly with the other amazing talents I’ve had the privilege of interviewing for this blog over the last several months. It’s not about the money or the material items- these women are reshaping the world of independent horror for one simple reason. They love what they do and strive to progress with each new project.

So, without further ado, I present for your reading pleasure my chat with fellow Illini horror hound Kaylee Williams.

1. As an indie horror actress, you’ve said you don’t aspire to be ‘famous’. What is your favorite thing about the indie horror scene, as opposed to Hollywood?

It’s true that my goal isn’t fame or fortune. I really just want to be able to make a living doing what I love. Once I get to the point where I can be consistently working on something and be making enough money to pay my bills, I will be happy. As for what I enjoy more about the indie horror scene as opposed to Hollywood, I would have to say there is definitely more creativity in indie horror. Hollywood tends to spew out the same old stuff over and over again (though every once in awhile, Hollywood comes up with something new and interesting). But I feel like there’s room for more creativity in the indie film world because you don’t have huge studios telling you what to do and putting limitations on the film. So, since there tends to be less limitations on what you can put in the film, there tends to be a bit more creativity and I love that. I love pushing boundaries as far as I can and I get a lot of opportunities to do that in indie horror.

2. 2011 was an insanely busy year for you, and very successful to boot! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! In all, how many projects were you a part of this past year?

Thank you very much! 2011 was definitely a great year and I was very blessed to work with a lot of amazing people that I adore. It was actually a slower year for me, believe it or not, but everything I worked on is something that I am very proud to have been a part of. I completed 5 films last year (two of which are already available on DVD) and I started working on another one called “Disciples” in Florida in November, which we wrapped in California in February.


3. You are well versed in stunts. You’ve pretty much got the ‘bad ass’ persona locked down pat. What led you into the grueling career of an indie horror actress?

Haha, thank you! Even though I tend to play the sweet, innocent characters in a lot of the films I do, it’s nice to know that I can pull off the bad ass persona as well. Those tend to be the more fun roles anyways, hehe.  As for how I got into indie horror, it kind of just happened. I was working on some local independent films and got the opportunity to be a part of a fun indie horror film and ever since people saw me in that, 95 percent of the scripts that have come my way have been horror scripts — which I don’t mind at all! Horror is a fun genre. And out of all the genres, indie horror has the biggest following and the biggest community. So I thought it would be a great idea to work in one of my favorite genres, while also getting my name and face out there to a wider audience.

4. How many conventions do you attend in a regular year?

I honestly don’t normally attend a lot of conventions. This past year, I believe I ended up going to three conventions – I was a guest at one, at another I was there signing DVDs and promoting a film that had just gotten released, and the last one I went to mainly to hang out with several of my friends that attended. This year, I was a guest at the Blood on the Beach Convention in Virginia Beach back in April, which was a ton of fun and I got to meet a lot of great people. Two of my films were screened there as well, “Porkchops” and “Psycho Street,” and they both got a great response from the audience. I don’t have any other conventions lined up for this year yet, but I’ll be sure to post any new information on my Facebook page if anything changes!

5. You say you’ve always been interested in horror. What is the first horror flick you remember seeing?

The first horror film I remember seeing was “Pet Sematary” when I was young and back then Miko Hughes creeped the hell out of me in the role of Gage! Creepy kid, haha….


7. Would you ever be interested in the directing aspect of film making?

Maybe someday, but honestly I’m focusing on acting for the most part right now. I’d love to get experience working behind the camera at some point in the future, though.  Directing is definitely something I would be interested in if it was the right project, at the right time.


8. What projects are you currently working on?

So far this year, I wrapped up “Anti-Bodies” (which is part of “Psycho Street”) in Ohio, “Disciples” in California, “Porkchopp3d” in West Virginia and “Dark Realm” in Indiana. Coming up next, I have a couple of top secret projects that I’m not allowed to talk about just yet, haha. I’m very excited about them and I will announce them as soon as I can! In the summer/fall, I have lead roles in “Feeding on Fear” and “Deadly Ringers” and a small role in “The Fallen One.” Several other projects are being discussed, but I can’t mention those quite yet either, haha. I’ve also got a few films booked for next year already! 

9. What are some of your favorite horror films?

My favorite types of horror films are psychological thrillers (I love movies that mess with my head and make me think) and really cheesy ones that are more fun than scary. I’m obsessed with SyFy channel movies and watch the new movies they have every Saturday. They tend to be pretty bad but….in a good way, haha. I also love horror/comedies. Those are SO much fun! Some of my favorite films that fall within the horror category are the “Saw” films, “Tremors,” “Wrong Turn,” “Blade,” and “30 Days of Night.”

10. Is there a subject or taboo you simply refuse to touch?

When it comes to films, there is no boundary I won’t cross and there is absolutely no subject or taboo that I won’t touch. You can throw anything at me and I’m game. I actually love trying to shock audiences and I love playing roles that make people uncomfortable, angry, or upset. Now when it comes to real life, as in interviews or Facebook posts or whatnot, there are definitely certain subjects I try to stay away from. But yeah, when it comes to the film world, there’s really nothing I shy away from. In fact, the more offensive and edgy a film or role is, the more interested in it I’ll be.

I am truly grateful for all of Kaylee’s time and enthusiasm in making this interview happen! She is just another reason why Chicago horror is alive and well.

For a full list of Kaylee’s projects, check out her IMDB page!


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